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Cadec+ Mechano

CADEC+ MECHANO follows a Building Block approach – an alternative to the Master Model approach. Especially, for products which have standard components (each having separately created geometries), you need component and a bottom up approach. MECHANO comes with a library element in which you can add already developed components and features, which can be used later on. This speeds up configurator implementation and also gives a lot of flexibility.


plus Salient Features

  • Components – parts & assemblies – and feature libraries
  • Intelligent and flexible geometry rule implementation
  • Unlimited layout options
  • Easily configured to suit design logic
  • BOMs, feature table formats can be configured. Filtered BOMs can also be generated
  • Drawings auto-generated for GA layout as well as for individual part detailing

Benefits experienced by our Clients

  • Creation of customized library of components
  • Smart library parts with Auto “Mates”

  • Standardized components
  • Download of 3D/2D formats available

  • Empowering your Sales team to configure products online

  • Quick prototyping
  • Pro-Innovation product



A master modelling based design automation tool that helps you configure individual components for a pre-defined layout.

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Explore the entire realm of 3D design automation – everything… anytime, anywhere.

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Kick-start your design automation through this easy-to-use 3D design tool with minimal investment.

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A building block based design automation tool that offers versatile product layout.

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