CAD ERP Seminar

S B Road, Pune, 20th May 2016 :

Every growing enterprise wants to streamline their operations using ERP. And the innovative customized product manufacturers face the challenge of synchronizing Part Numbers and Bill of Materials (BOM) between Engineering and Manufacturing.

BOM is a list of parts, quantity, material and other properties of the parts used in an assembly. But the BOM requirements of Engineering and Manufacturing departments vary. Mark Design has come up with an innovative approach of driving the Engineering BOM from Manufacturing BOM. Mark Engineering conducted a seminar on CAD-ERP integration to showcase their new product CADEC+ CONNECT and also to demonstrate the new approach.

The seminar was attended by companies from Machinery, Robotics, Electronics and Process equipment companies. Mark team demonstrated CADC+ CONNECT and also presented case studies of the new approach used in heavy engineering and process equipment. A trial run of Material Requirement Planning was shown and process of BOM explosion and MRP calculation was elaborated.

The new method proposes first creation of project tree structure. Since CADEC+ CONNECT is integrated with ERP, it allows choosing existing items from item master or defining new item based on ERP categories and properties. Once the project structure is defined in CADEC+ CONNECT at start of the project, the approximate Manufacturing BOM and Engineering BOM are available very early, and it helps in costing, budgeting and modeling.