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Special Purpose CADCAM for Precision Manufacturers

Cadec organised a seminar on Special Purpose CADCAM for Precision Manufacturers. The theme was about Special purpose CADCAM, which is a system (not platform) having definition and linking of an organisation’s design/mfg processes, models and rules. The Seminar was for those companies who have mature CADCAM usage, and want to work in specialised way and […]

CAD ERP Seminar

S B Road, Pune, 20th May 2016 : Every growing enterprise wants to streamline their operations using ERP. And the innovative customized product manufacturers face the challenge of synchronizing Part Numbers and Bill of Materials (BOM) between Engineering and Manufacturing. BOM is a list of parts, quantity, material and other properties of the parts used […]

3 Essentials for Technology Implementation

Technology implementation is like a war. It needs Vision, Discipline and Hardwork to succeed. Growth Hungry CEO (Visionary General) : Pushes for entry into new markets Wants products for future opportunities Invests for next-generation solutions Tech-Savvy Engineering Head (Disciplined Commanding Officer) : Pushes for leveraging technology for solving challenges Has appetite and confidence to evaluate […]

Being a guide as well as student

For a Technology Implementer, a customer visit is the most vital part of the role. We can learn more than few days’ R&D in office, by just one visit to a customer – either to understand requirement or to implement solution. In such situation, we need to guide as well as learn simultaneously. Here is a 3-point agenda […]

Are you SPENDING on Enterprise Software or BENEFITING from it ?

BACKGROUND : Today, Enterprise Software procurement and usage is so common, that CEOs are forced by suppliers, users, IT and procurement to go for it. In addition, competitive market and changing team-members also make the CEO to depend more on technology. By definition, Enterprise Software is the one, which satisfies organization (not individuals’) needs, and […]

Leading Manufacturer of Storage Systems

Manufacturer of Material Handlings crates & bins, Leading Manufacturer of Storage Systems Challenges Complex logic for component and parameters selection Slow performance of 3D CAD for large number of parts Drawing of layout and details views Possible errors in selection logic Benefits: The response time is drastically reduced from 2 days to 15 minutes


Manufacturer of centrifugal pumps. Provides custom designed pumping solutions for any pumping requirement. Client: KISHOR PUMPS Challenges:  Good number of product variants Very complex Product design calculations. Multiple technical drawings and sheets needs to created for every order Every order requires engineering approvals from customer. Process Improvement Suggested: Cadec+ Products Suggested: CADEC+ FOUNDATION SOLIDWORKS 3D […]

Horizon Chutes Pvt. Ltd

Manufacturer of fire Doors and steel doors for various architectural and industrial needs. Challenges Manual errors in design Variety of hardware and other types Nesting and minimizing wastage Designs are person-dependent and time-consuming Benefits: Design time reduced from 4 hours to 15 minutes