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Cadec+ Empower

CADEC+ EMPOWER is an extension of CADEC+ FOUNDATION with web interface. It seamlessly integrates with your incumbent ERP system to include the Configure to Order (CTO) or Catalog-driven business process. This is a versatile tool ideal for design engineers as well as your sales team to configure and showcase products online within just a few minutes. Even the customers can use this tool to quickly make changes and view its effect on GA Layout and cost. Its unique web catalogue allows quick search of available product models and drawings.


plus Salient Features

  • NO Programming required, intuitive web-interface
  • Integrates with a variety of RDBMS-based ERP Systems
  • Automated web template for working with customers in collaboration
  • Online download of custom-configured designs by customers
  • Transaction database for tracking of enquiry process
  • Auto generation of BOM / Cost sheet in the format required by your ERP system
  • Combination / range search to find relevant catalog products
  • Captures details like product specifications, non-geometric specifications, output formats, etc.
  • Idiot-proof system

Benefits experienced by our Clients

  • Empowers Sales Team and customers to configure products online

  • Generates a plethora of product variants swiftly

  • Validates inputs automatically
  • Allows download of 2D/3D CAD formats

  • Online catalogue search
  • Pro-Innovation product



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