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Cadec+ Overview

Technology made Simple

MAXIMISE your ROI in 3D CAD Design Software

CADEC+ is a design automation system developed by Mark Design Solutions, for component, equipment and machinery manufacturing companies, keeping in mind the drawing needs of an engineer. Offering a plethora of capabilities, CADEC+ can reduce the overall design time by 80% and exponentially improve time to market. It disciplines the entire product designing process through knowledge capture, rule definition and automation of required deliverables which include design, drawings, BOM, cost-sheet, quotation and more.

Knowledge-based Engineering (KBE)

CADEC+  helps you to consistently deliver high quality product design, gives you flexibility to modify parameters as per customer requirement and helps you to achieve process standardisation. With CADEC+, the design engineers get more time for design innovation, sales team gets a powerful tool to showcase product prototype and the companies can expand & enhance their product lines, features. As a result, everybody moves up the value-chain.

One of the first indigenously developed Knowledge-based Engineering (KBE) tool, CADEC+ seamlessly integrates with various 3D CAD Solution Platforms like SolidWorks, Autodesk, Siemens and more.

Cadec+ product family offers Master Model based as well as Building Blocks design methodologies that cover the entire gamut of 3D modelling strategies.



A master modelling based design automation tool that helps you configure individual components for a pre-defined layout.

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Explore the entire realm of 3D design automation – everything… anytime, anywhere.

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Kick-start your design automation through this easy-to-use 3D design tool with minimal investment.

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A building block based design automation tool that offers versatile product layout.

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