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3 Essentials for Technology Implementation

Technology implementation is like a war. It needs Vision, Discipline and Hardwork to succeed. Growth Hungry CEO (Visionary General) : Pushes for entry into new markets Wants products for future opportunities Invests for next-generation solutions Tech-Savvy Engineering Head (Disciplined Commanding […]

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Being a guide as well as student

For a Technology Implementer, a customer visit is the most vital part of the role. We can learn more than few days’ R&D in office, by just one visit to a customer – either to understand requirement or to implement solution. In such […]

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Are you SPENDING on Enterprise Software or BENEFITING from it ?

BACKGROUND : Today, Enterprise Software procurement and usage is so common, that CEOs are forced by suppliers, users, IT and procurement to go for it. In addition, competitive market and changing team-members also make the CEO to depend more on […]

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