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The design process is at the heart of design automation system. The design calculations get refined and evolved during the knowledge capture and update process. Having all variables and their logic in single variable table gives flexibility, control and ease in reviewing and modifying the logic.

Further, since the logic keeps evolving, there should be no restriction of specifying default type (input or dependent) or default value of a variable.


In CADEC+, all variables, their calculation and validation logic are defined in a single variable table. Further, even shape variable can be defined in terms of size variables or vice versa. Many possible anomalies in calculation are highlighted automatically by the software. The software also creates variable dependency chart for ready reference.

Since the number of variables and recursive calculations is very high, the tool should help the designer in understanding how one variable is affected by other variables, and the other way round. It helps in understanding impact of any variable name change and calculation change on the entire logic. The variable name change should automatically modify all formulae where it is used. The variable definition need not be sequential. It helps in defining the logic in pieces and then joining it together.

In CADEC+ variable table, modifying any variable type, dependency, validation is very easy. So, a variable can be input variable till the logic is tested, and then you can make it dependent on some other variable. Thus, there is no need to write the logic completely and sequentially. You will be amazed to see how variable table tames the complexities by a piece-meal approach.

Further, many organizations have their design calculation logic readily available in excel files, in terms of variable formulae, lookup lists, etc. Such lists should be made accessible to by the Configurator.

The data in variable table, lookup table, series table, parameter equation table in CADEC+ can be imported from Excel files. This leverages the legacy logic of any company. Further, the logic developed / modified in CADEC+ can be exported to excel.

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