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The key people who define design logic are the product designers and senior engineers. They need an easy-to-use interface to convert their logic and domain knowledge into design automation applications. They need an interface that does not require them to program the design logic.

The easy-to-use Configurator development process in CADEC+ is as follows:

  • Decide variables
  • Decide important design calculations for variables
  • Decide model parameters
  • Create master models
  • Link variables with model parameters

No programming required.

All front-end forms, validations, dependencies are auto-generated. The fundamental pilot application for a product can be created in hours. This empowers the designers in deciding and implementing product variation swiftly.

Also, template-based approach helps in getting auto-generated forms. It bypasses manual programming thereby preventing any manual errors. Further, all calculations and validation logic are kept in one single variable table, instead of within separate codes written in different forms. It also avoids additional form control variables.

CADEC+ Variable table is the single location of defining any logic which auto-generates all code for calculation, validation, forms, model and drawing creations, etc. No localised code is required at all. Templates are based on object oriented programming.

Once the calculation logic is defined and linked with models, the design automation application should get generated automatically. Further, the implementation can be extended to LAN or web-based system without any programming. Thus, the efforts in logic development can be easily leveraged.

CADEC+ has a web-template which also gets auto-generated for any application based on the logic in variable table.

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