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Don’t wait to Innovate

They say “Necessity is the mother of all inventions” (read innovations). However, the market doesn’t wait till you come across a specific opportunity to innovate. Enterprises today must proactively look for opportunities to innovate, long before the need arises. That’s the crux of Pro-Innovation.

Mark Design Solutions Pvt. Ltd. firmly believes that innovation is the key to progress. It’s a myth that ONLY the sales that drives any business. In fact, it is the continuous enhancement of the product and its capabilities, the ways of developing the product and providing solutions that improve the bottom-line, all of it combined with an aligned sales and marketing effort builds the business into an empire. Simply put, helping customers do things in a better way is the need of hour and that’s what innovation truly means.



Innovation is the key to every business success in this modern century – especially the manufacturing, engineering and process industries. The top two challenges that keep these companies always on their toes are:

  • Product improvisation or new product creation
  • Quick-time-to market

To add on to the complexity, they need to achieve this while maintaining high quality and consistency. To truly be able to innovate, businesses need solution/s that’s versatile enough to adapt to the ever growing product improvement needs and that works through the life-time of the enterprise.

To address this, in recent years, designing companies have been evaluating and implementing Configurator/design automation tools that are:

  • Linked to CAD system/s
  • Support Configurable rules
  • Allow easy change of models, inputs, calculations & outputs
  • Easy-to-setup
  • Linked with ERP & PDM systems
  • Configurable to support any product

Choosing a suitable Configurator tool for your company is a critical decision. Mark Design’s CADEC+ addresses all the challenges of an incumbent design automation tool in a very cost-effective way.


Mark Design is the first Indian KBE development company that provides 3D CAD design automation solutions across the globe. Its seamless integration with various 3D CAD design platforms catalyses the entire designing process. But it’s not just about design automation; it’s also about design productivity improvement. Here’s why:

  • 100% automation of design process is difficult in some organisations
  • The design objectives of various companies are different
  • Design automation projects create certain mismatch of expectations
  • For the customer, solution is more important than the tool
  • Design automation is often seen as black or white, but there can be certain grey shades too
  • Productivity improvement approach allows to measure pre and post implementation improvement.

With CADEC+, we offer a consultative approach that includes the following key milestones:


plus Pro Innovation Features


This ensures that there is a tangible design productivity improvement through the design automation process and the design automation objectives that are in line with the business objectives are met.

Through CADEC+ range of products, we provide solutions that allow the engineers and designers to focus on innovating new products and features by automating the designing process as well as helping them to control it in a user-friendly way with no programming required. Further, they empower the sales team to quickly configure & demonstrate the feasibility of new product or product feature to the customer so that they can quickly complete the pre-sales cycle and handover the project to production team.

CADEC+ is a PRO-INNOVATION solution that makes innovation available at your fingertips.