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  • “CADEC mechano is useful in capturing logic and formulae and linking them with design library to reduce design time and errors” 
    Mr. Mahesh Limaye - Director, Horizon Chutes Pvt. Ltd.
  • “CADECWorks is useful in standardization and enabling designers to think logically. It is also useful in design error reduction”  
    Mr. Sachin Nagpure - Director, Dran Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
  • “CADEC provides easy logic building , it is customizable as per the need & options so saves lots of design time” 
    Mr. Kaustubh Kulkarni - General Manager - Change Parts IMA-PG India Private Limited (IMA-PG)
  • “Because of the user-friendliness of CADECWorks, our team could learn SolidWorks and CADECWorks in the shortest time and now our deliveries are planned and dispatched on the time and we are not dependent on individuals for the case now.”  
    Mr. Sujit Tilve - Manager Application Engineering, Polyhydron Systems Pvt. Ltd. (PSPL)
  • Our marketing and design departments can now work independently with “on the fly quotations” which are very complex for our industry where we have many enquiries for a single layout in a day.
    3D visualization enables the end users to actually view the pump layout with all dimensions and installation managers also are now benefitted on same grounds. the team of CADECplus has supported and aligned the technology for our complex systems at all levels.”  
    Mr. Sanjay Pathak - G.M. Information Technology, Kishor Pumps Pvt. Ltd.
  • “CADEC provided us an edge over our competitors in design automation. It has made our life easy by directly providing 2D & 3D product drawings on their desktops without our presence. CADEC team provided all the support in establishing this challenging task.”

    “Looking ahead for further innovations by extending CADEC for our design intelligence.”  

    Dr. Padwal - Vice President - Technical, Rathi Transpower Pvt. Ltd.
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    A master modelling based design automation tool that helps you configure individual components for a pre-defined layout.

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    Kick-start your design automation through this easy-to-use 3D design tool with minimal investment.

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    Explore the entire realm of 3D design automation – everything… anytime, anywhere.

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    A building block based design automation tool that offers versatile product layout.

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